Some stuff happened…

…since I last posted here, over a year ago.

– I became a master (okay well, I got a piece of paper that said I had earned a master’s degree)


– Which allowed me to get a job, a full time one, that pays bills

– I turned 30…uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggg


– I got married (that was fun)


– I spent a month in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with stops along the way in Burundi, Uganda, and Ethiopia (that was also fun)


– We bought a house!


We started packing this week, which got me thinking about wasty-ness again because the temptation is so strong to just throw away EVERYTHING (almost) and start over in the new place. Also boxes, more boxes, and stuff to protect fragile stuff. Also, my friend Brian (hi Brian) has been bugging me about how lame I am for never updating this blog. 

I did my best to keep the wedding as green as I could, it wasn’t perfect, but that’s the whole idea behind me writing this – being a normal person with a normal budget – it’s very difficult to live a low impact life. I do think it continues to get more and more accessible, but our culture continues to make a wasteful, disposable life with little regard for human or ecological impact easier and more affordable than the opposite.

I will try to update now and then, at least to talk about the wedding and moving.

In the mean time, the best eco-conscious decision my husband I have made lately is to sign up for Boston Organics


Every Friday we get a green plastic bin dropped off at our apartment filled with organic fruit and veggies. We’d talked about joining a CSA before, but with how often we eat out, how picky some of us (me) are about some vegetables, and our busy schedules, we were afraid it would be too wasteful.  We’ve had some heated discussions before about trying not to waste food.

You go to the grocery store on an empty stomach with a lot of grand ideas for the week ahead. You pick up onions, peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, herbs, etc. You make one great dinner, on say, Tuesday.  You still have a bunch of produce and you have every intention of using it, but then you make plans with friends on Wednesday night. On Thursday night you come home from work completely exhausted and would rather stare blankly a wall for half an hour than cook dinner. Weekends are… weekends. Monday comes back around, and the left over produce looks wilty and blehh. You go buy more. Repeat cycle.  Until you just give up all together and get way too much takeout.

BUT! When the bucket-o-produce is dropped off at our door, its like getting a package in the mail – we have to open it right away to see what we got – and start eating it.  We’ve been eating way more veggies, trying more creative recipes, and feeling a stronger obligation to make sure that we don’t waste it.  When you do find yourself wasting stuff (we wasted some plums… and we did feel bad about it, SORRY PLUMS!)

Imageyou can put whatever you don’t eat on a “no” list and you don’t get it anymore.   The green bins (which they pick up every week) also mean a lot less plastic grocery store bags.

Hopefully I will actually update this blog again. If you know me in real life, please harass me about it. Even if you don’t care, it still might be fun to bug me, right?



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  1. Celia Hitchins says:

    *here’s me, bugging you for another blog post!* can’t wait to see you in December. love love love Sis C Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 06:14:49 +0000 To:

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