Wastefully Yours

So it turns out quitting your job after 3 years and transitioning to graduate school while maintaining an active social life, taking care of two cats, and getting a normal amount of sleep results in not having a lot of free time to update a blog.   Sorry if I’ve left any of you dangling in suspense, but somehow I doubt thats the case.  Its been a hot sunny summer, and I hope people have been enjoying it by spending time outside.

Speaking of the heat, a  steamy summer is incomplete without iced coffee. For a hahhhdcoah New Englandah like me, Dunkin Donuts is the way to go.  So it does not make me very happy to admit that of all the coffee shops in the area, Dunkins is the only one that consistently uses styrofoam cups for iced coffee.  Worst of all,  its styrofoam cups with plastic cups inside. Why do you need two cups for one drink? I do not know… but this is the result:

First of all, don’t litter on the T.  Seriously folks. If you’re old enough to ride the train by yourself, you’re old enough to know where trash goes, and its not on the seat.  There are also trash bins all over every single T station I’ve ever been in. I wish they’d start fining people for being pigs.  I almost said something to the woman who left this cup, along with her Metro, but she was too busy saying “HELLO? HELLO?” in to her cell phone… in an underground T station.  A+ at life!

Secondly, styrofoam? Really? Almost every other fast-food chain has eliminated or at least cut way down on styrofoam containers.  But summer in Boston means plastic cups inside styrofoam cups ALL over.  The DD’s I go to at North Station automatically doubled up the cups, and I’d have to give back the styrofoam one. Other places don’t do it automatically, but I see people asking for it. WHY?!?!  Can someone explain this to me please?  Is it because the plastic cups get wet on the outside?  Okay, use a napkin?  Or one of those sleeves that are made out of recycled cardboard.   The double cup thing is the epitome of wasteful.   There’s just no reason to create twice as much garbage as you need to. More importantly, the plastic is recyclable. The styrofoam is not.  MOST importantly, littering is gross. You learned that in pre-school.

Now, I’m loving our new apartment, and I don’t blame them for this as I realize the phone company distributes these… but… when is the last time you actually used a phone book?

Here we have about four dozen phone books individually wrapped in plastic. First they sat outside for about a week, and it didn’t appear that any were taken. Then they sat in a plastic mail bin in the doorway for over a week, and no one took them. After that, they were dumped on the floor under the mailboxes where they sat for a few weeks, and then vanished all at once, presumably to the trash.   I do realize there may be some people out there who don’t have the interwebz and still rely on a phone book to find the nearest cheap Chinese delivery instead of Yelp or MenuPages, but considering most people my age don’t even have land lines anymore, it really doesn’t make sense to make so many phone books.  And why do they need to be individually wrapped in plastic?  They may as well pack them in styrofoam boxes too.

The main point here is that no one needs to go to extremes to be more eco friendly.   I’m pretty sure our lives would not be adversely affected if our iced coffees only came with one cup, and a simple call to phone company would get you a free phone book.   Find a  fine line between knitting your own organic clothes, living off of water and seeds – and being that lady on the train yelling and littering.  It can’t be that hard to do.  🙂

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3 Responses to Wastefully Yours

  1. Sherry Lundquist says:

    Welcome back, Amanda, I missed your blog. You gave me my second laugh of the day (and it’s only 8 a.m., not bad). The phone books covered in plastic are also a pet peeve of mine. I have a landline and even I never use the phone books. Also, the styrofoam thing is gross. What’s up, Dunkin? Maybe we need an email campaign to educate them. Well, the T photo summed it up- waste, waste, waste! Why? Thanks for the blog, S

  2. phone book pages would make great paper for paper mache….waddayathink? we could make a pinata out of all those unused phone books!

    DD drives me nuts, too.

  3. Sherry Lundquist says:

    Amanda, did you see the cover of Sunday’s Boston Globe? there was a big article about coffee cups. Surprising pros and cons about different materials, you should check it out.

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