This DIY stuff could get dangerous…

In the alternate universe where I have tons of money, my bedroom would look like this, only with an exposed brick wall instead of concrete:

…but in reality, Michael would probably hate it, Shep would destroy the very expensive bedspread, and red wine would be spilled on that white carpet within a month.  Also… more than one pillow might be a good idea.

So back to reality, where Michael and I are moving TOMORROW!!!  We have a very nice queen size memory foam mattress sitting on the plain old 20 dollar metal frame. Which is fine, I guess, I mean, it’s not like its ugly – its just not much of anything.  I’ve been scanning craigslist off an on for an actual bed, but haven’t found anything worth buying.

Then it occurred to me that all we really need is a headboard. We already have the frame, and really, what is the point of a footboard?

After having a pretty good experience with table making…  could I make a headboard with recycled wood?   Could that be more complicated than making the table, other than the measurements needing to be more precise?

Here are a few ideas I might run by Dad and the nice folks at Longleaf to see how DIY-able they are.

Obviously my version would be on a much smaller scale than these, and I’m certainly not planning on covering our apartment walls with floor to ceiling wood, but using a similar look, I wonder if I could just make a simple headboard that would lean against the wall with the bed frame we already have pushed up against it.

Opinions anyone??

This weekend’s challenges:

– Figuring out to move the most stuff in the fewest number of gas-wasting trips.  Michael is moving from Brighton, I’m moving from Andover, the apartment is in Melrose, and we’ve got a family reunion in Methuen to get to.

– Another DIY project: moving 3 couches, a queen size bed, and a 50 inch flat screen from a 3rd floor walk up, with no professional/paid movers or equipment (but great friends and a cheap Uhaul!)

– Trying to convince the boyfriend that buying brand new cardboard boxes from Uhaul is wasteful (financially and environmentally) and just plain silly.   He didn’t like the idea of going to ask for boxes at the grocery store, and I was too busy this week to do it for him.  Waste averted thanks to my mom, though, who brought boxes home from her work.

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2 Responses to This DIY stuff could get dangerous…

  1. AllieBeau says:

    Ahh, good luck to you! Matty and I are moving in August and it’s truly daunting but the payoff is always great.
    My input–
    1. Make a headboard for sure. I think it won’t be as hard as you anticipate, and the lack of perfection will make it even more charming…
    2. Check Kappy’s by my place/Lu’s in your travels for boxes, or any other big liquor store. They always have good smaller-sized boxes that are good for books and clothes and other stuff. Also, one time I camped out behind Best Buy and Target on a Sunday morning and asked the guys unloading trucks for boxes. They gave me a lot and were super nice. Bat those eyelashes and get what you need girly.

    I like your blog, and you’ve inspired me to put that pen to paper (or fingers to keys, whatev) a bit more for my own. Keep it up ❤

  2. Sherry Lundquist says:

    Hi Amanda, good luck with your move. I’m so glad I got to see your table last weekend, and it was great reading the story of how it transitioned from barn floor to Amanda’s handmade table. I love the idea for your headboard, it made me realize howmuch more we can all do with recycled materials. Thanks for the always interesting blog. S

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