I managed to do something crafty without gluing my fingers together or starting a fire!

When I first came up with the idea of creating a green living space and a blog to go along with it, my friend Ray asked me if I’d ever heard of Etsy.   I hadn’t.

She warned me that discovering it may be dangerous.  2 purchases (but still under 40 dollars) later, it is too soon to determine the level of danger this website poses to my efforts to stay frugal.  I’ll be patriotic and use our nation’s uber-effective color coded “How Scared of Muslims Should I Be Today?” alert system: at the moment, we’re at code Yellow.

Etsy.com is a website where people far more talented than I can sell their handmade, handgrown, and homecooked goodies.  Everything from expensive art to affordable soap, cufflinks made of old typewriter keys, plant arrangements, and everything in between.

Last week, I stumbled across a “store” featuring air plants being sold on their own, or attached to magnets and tiles. I loved her arrangements, and was drawn to the modern but natural look of the air plants. I immediately thought of the small pile of slate tiles I had sitting in my trunk, left over from the fireplace in my last apartment.   After asking the artist if I could buy her plants and steal her idea, I received my plants in the mail over the weekend.  Thanks, Kara!

I only made one today,  just in case it came out horrible, I would have only ruined 1 of the 3 beautiful plants she sent me.  However, I don’t think it came out horrible at all! In fact, I’m kind of proud of it!

Ingredients:  one air plant (10.75 for a set of 3), one natural slate 2×6 tile from Home Depot (I had purchased 4 boxes of these last year at 4.99 each) , one beach rock (free), and some silicone glue (4.99 at ACE Hardware).


Here is another picture of it,  place on top of the salvaged wood cutting board I purchased this weekend at Longleaf Lumber, which will be the subject of my next post!

I’ll make the other two this week if I have time.

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One Response to I managed to do something crafty without gluing my fingers together or starting a fire!

  1. Kara says:

    I love this!! You did a fantastic job ~ see it’s so easy and fun to great arrangements with these guys. Post more pics when you complete the other ones and I’d love to link to this on my blog and facebook! Beautiful!

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