Wake Up

Isn’t it sad that these days, talking about something as simple as caring about the environment immediately evokes right vs left wing POLITICS?

I believe one of the most devastating consequences of the Bush administration and its related think tanks will be the villain-izing of environmentalism.  Thanks to years of propaganda, caring about the planet we ALL live on has been reduced to a bunch of cliches and negative stereotypes of democrats and liberals.

Global warming has been a discussion since I was in grade school, and though I’m sure it was controversial back then, it was certainly not a right vs. left issue.  We now have people like Sarah Palin creating terms like “extreme greenies”, mocking people who DARE to think twice before raping the planet of every last clean molecule.  I really want to know how the hell wanting to protect our home has become a political issue.  If you think I’m being dramatic when I use the term “rape”, check out the film “Jesus Camp”, in which one segment shows a radio DJ stating that God gave us the earth and everything on it to use up as we wished until Jesus came back to get us. In another segment, a mother explains her many reasons for keeping her children out of public schools, where Devil-worshipping liberal teachers “preach” evils like environmentalism.

The fact that the religious right has jumped so eagerly on the anti-environmentalism bandwagon is mind boggling to me.  For a bunch of people who think their Lord and Savior painstakingly created every mountain and river,  they have a funny way of showing their gratitude.  Then again, these are the same people (in one way or another) responsible for imprisoning and banning the works of Galileo for… stating facts.  As the nutcases and fear mongers of all religions have shown us, facts are SCARY.

This bird being dead is a fact.  It’s not George Bush’s fault or Barack Obama’s fault that this bird is dead.  Its not republicans or democrats fault that this bird is dead, and its certainly not “extreme greenies” fault that this bird is dead (sorry, Sarah).   The media and political talking heads will continue to try to distract you by simplifying this disaster. It’s always easier when you can blame someone, especially a black guy.  If pointing the finger in any given direction and saying “See?! I was right and you were wrong!” makes you feel better when you look at this picture, you need to wake up.

Been to the Pacific lately?   There is a massive spread of garbage twice the size of Texas floating along there, killing birds, whales, fish, etc.  So if you’re a republican, you’re not supposed to care about this?  This is what God intended our oceans to look like?

What will it take for this to stop being a political issue and become what it actually is: a humanity issue?  Wouldn’t it be a shame, with all of the possibilities for improvement out there, if we didn’t get our acts together until it was too late?  Wall-E doesn’t seem terribly unrealistic, does it?

The coke bottle I was too lazy to bring to the recycling bin 3 years ago might be floating around in that massive pile of crap. I’m going to keep reminding myself of that any time someone rolls their eyes at me for trying to “go green”.

And with that, I already broke my promise of not making this a political blog, but the scary thing is that the two subjects are so intertwined in the first place. Also, I’m infuriated by the fact that articles discussing the actual environmental impact of this oil spill are buried under piles and piles of nonsense and jibberish and propaganda from politicians and idiots who think that pointing fingers and yelling a lot will help the situation.   That bird died while some cable news dingbat was arguing with an “analyst” of some sort about who’s fault it was.

Imagine if they’d both shut their mouths and grabbed some soap?

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2 Responses to Wake Up

  1. yes….and the last natural oyster bed left is in the process of getting soaked in oil because of bureaucrats and politicians. i really wish i could actually do something about this situation in a larger way, like be a politician and make things happen. 😦

  2. Sis-in-law says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

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