Do actual people really spend 80 bucks on shower curtains??

I certainly don’t.

Even if I had $80 burning a hole in my pocket, I don’t think I’d spend it on a shower curtain.  Apparently though, this is the going price for an eco friendly hemp or linen shower curtain.  I won’t pretend to be an expert on these things, but I don’t see how a big plain piece of fabric with some grommets punched in the top could possibly cost even a fraction of that to manufacture, unless of course, it was handmade by Jesus.

After sorting through several google pages of overpriced fabric curtains, I stumbled upon this one from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I like the color, and instead of hemp or linen, it’s made of recycled fabric scraps turned in to yarn.  Its 29.99 plus shipping, which is pretty reasonable, but I was disappointed to discover that the 49043 (give or take) 20% off coupons that end up in the doorway of Michael’s apartment building are not redeemable online, and of course this particular shower curtain is not available in the stores.

I may try bringing it in to a store to see if I can have the 20% off credited to me.

Now for the liner.  Have you ever wondered on the 3rd or 4th day after replacing a shower curtain liner what you may be inhaling when your bathroom STILL reeks?

Turns out, a lot of chemicals.  I can’t vouch for the objectivity of this article, but the study it references seems to be valid.  Some of the highlights of the study are pasted below, along with the link to the full article:

•    108 different volatile organic compounds were released from the shower curtain into the air over twenty-eight days.
•    After one week, 40 different VOCs were detected in the air; after two weeks, 16 VOCS; after three weeks 11 VOCs and; after four weeks, 4 VOCs.
•    The level of Total VOCs measured was over 16 times greater than the recommended guidelines for indoor air quality established by the U.S. Green Building Council, violating these guidelines for seven days.
•    Just one new PVC shower curtain will release Total VOCs that exceed the typical Total VOCs residential level for four days.
•    The concentration of Total VOCs in the Wal-Mart tested shower curtain was so high that the analytical equipment was saturated and further testing had to be halted so that lab equipment would not be damaged.
•    All five curtains tested in phase one contained phthalates DEHP and DINP, chemicals banned in children’s toys in California, Washington, and the European Union.


The good news is that PVC free liners are available at regular retailers, not just the over priced “green” ones.   Finding EVA liners (EVA =ethylene vinyl acetate = PVC free) was effortless – Target has them for under 15, and Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99.  I’m ordering this one for 11 dollars, since this company is also fair trade approved!

Michael’s bathroom is actually the most eco friendly option, as it won’t require any shower curtains at all.  It has a stand up shower with a glass enclosure.  Other than needing to clean the glass,  my problem with this particular bathroom is that without a shower curtain there is NO color!  If i was designing my own bathroom, I would love to have a glass enclosure, but I’d pick colorful tiles instead of just white and beige so it wouldn’t be quite so boring.  I’m leaving this one alone though – since this is not my bathroom.

4 weeks from today we’ll be moving in!

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2 Responses to Do actual people really spend 80 bucks on shower curtains??

  1. jenrock says:

    I am wondering if you could go into BBB and have them order your curtain for you, then, when it comes in, you can be all “I can haz coupons!”

  2. Sis-in-law says:

    Hey Mimi. Did you know that if you sign up to receive BB &B’s emails thru their website, they’ll send you a one-time ONLINE 20% coupon via email?
    Too bad it’s just one-time!
    Also, I don’t think their 20% off IN STORE coupons ever expire.

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