Take that, Viva Terra!

This will hopefully be one of many entries where thanks to my love of shopping and a little bit of luck, I can prove that buying eco friendly doesn’t always mean “more expensive”.

Today’s example?  100% recycled glass vases.

A beautiful set from vivaterra totals $118, plus shipping:

And the TJ Maxx version, different colors, but 100% recycled glass in very similar shapes, for a grand total of $13.50, including sales tax.

I wish I knew what accounts for the difference of over $100, but I’m certainly not complaining.  Check out TJ Maxx and Homegoods for a huge selection of these vases. Most of them were too big for the space I have, but they came in several colors and were all under $25.00.   The brand is Vidrios SanMiguel – they have a very cute website with a description of their recycling process, complete with clip art pictures.

Next up,  eco friendly cookware on clearance at Homegoods!

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One Response to Take that, Viva Terra!

  1. rrrrray says:

    Although, I think Vivaterra is all fair trade and stuff too…. so, it’s more expensive partly because the money goes overseas to help artisans in rough situations. I think. Maybe? I doubt TJ MAxxx gets much along those lines….

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