The apartment

So far I’m doing better than I thought at buying used or eco friendly furniture to decorate our place.  This week I’ll post some of my lucky finds, but for now, the apartment itself! (click on the pictures to view full size)

From the outside, our patio and living room windows.  My goal for the patio is to buy some nice plants and actually manage to keep them alive for more than a week.  Seeing as I’ve already managed to kill the basil and cilantro I bought last week, I am NOT off to a good start here.  If any of you have some good gardening tips, I’m all ears!  I would especially love to figure out how to keep cilantro alive.  I make guacamole all the time, but hate that grocery stores only sell enormous bunches of fresh cilantro.  I always end up throwing most of it away, and those frozen cubes – though a brilliant idea – just don’t add the same amount of flavor.

The living room.   Thanks to my employment at MGH, we got to pick one wall to be painted a different color for free (normally $150, which is ridiculous, but I’m not going to complain).  After a bit of a debate with my red/green colorblind boyfriend and some input from friends, we agreed on a sagey-green color for the largest wall (the angled one).  The thing I like least about this place is the off white carpeting…I’m a sucker for hardwood floors AND color.  I’m hoping to liven it up a bit with some nice area rugs, but I’m going to wait until the wall is painted first.

The kitchen.  Apparently granite and stainless appliances are worth $250 more a month in the world of apartments.  We passed on this, and after attempting to clean the stainless appliances in Michael’s current apartment, I’m not too disappointed about it.  If I was designing the place myself, I’d have gone with black appliances and darker shelving, but I do like that its bright and open.  I’m not sure how eco-friendly Corian is, but it certainly looks better and lasts longer than laminate or formica which I’ve had in all of my previous apartments.   Thanks to some stunning 100% recycled glass vases I discovered at Homegoods, I will be adding a bit of color to this area without needing to paint it.

Two bathrooms!   With 100% certainty, I can say this is what Michael is most excited about.  We will each have our own bathroom – one with a tub, one with only a shower.  I have already found really nice eco-friendly bathroom necessities, which I’ll post later.  This will be the first time in my life I don’t have to share a bathroom!  I’ve come a long way from my second place in Brooklyn, where I shared one bathroom with 3 other girls.  It was a pretty “special” bathroom, too:  a combination of rose and bright pink glossy ceramic tiles, pink tub, and tinted plastic sliding shower doors with flamingo appliques on them. *Shudder*

I didn’t include pictures of the bedrooms or the walk in closet, because they look pretty boring at the moment.   I will include them in my before and after photos though, once we move in and set everything up.

Last but not least, the most important feature of the apartment, our all natural and environmentally friendly pest killer, crumb finder, and alarm clock:  Shep!

As you can see, Shep has a LOT of fur.  This isn’t even the half of it, as he’s already shed about 63 kittens worth of orange fuzz balls since the end of the winter.  While we love Shep and could not imagine life without a cat, his fur does create the need for a substantial amount of cleaning.   Having already gone through 3 slipcovers for the Ikea sofa (which is not environmentally OR economically sustainable), we’re going to try covering it with throws that will hopefully be easier to wash.  I try so hard not to waste paper, but end up going through roll after roll of sticky lint rollers cleaning up the furniture and our clothes.

I want to reiterate though, that the furry tumbleweeds are the ONLY drawback to having a cat.  We have never needed to use bug sprays or pest poisons in Michael’s current place, as Shep can catch flies, ants, and most recently a mouse, before we’ve even noticed they were there.  He also catches any dropped food before it even hits the ground.  He might be a ninja.

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3 Responses to The apartment

  1. jenrock says:

    When I needed to cover my ugly hand-me-down couch given to me by my mother, which fabric design by someone’s grandma (or so it seemed), I went to the linens store that was in its fifth year of going out of business, and rummaged through the half off bin for matching sheets. They worked really well and were a good use for 10 fitted sheets no one would buy.

  2. mandakate says:

    I was wondering if a fitted sheet would work, because traditional slip covers don’t seem to be designed to fit those angular, straight-backed Ikea sofas, not to mention they are way too expensive. Maybe I’ll give that a try with an old fitted sheet I have and see how it looks before I buy one that goes with the color scheme. Thanks Jen!!

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